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Lodging & Individual Day Care

Your pet should have as much fun on vacation as you do! Our accommodations include 27 luxury suites, 63 standard enclosures, and 18 kitty condos to make your pet comfortable while you're away. We also have over 11,000 sq ft of artificial turf so your pet can spend quality time outdoors.

Pets from the same family can board together in the same enclosure. The second and third pet in the same enclosure get a 25% discount off the nightly rate.

Extended stay guests of 14 nights or more get 10% off the nightly rate.

Dog Lodging
Dog Lodging

Your dog should have a comfortable and fun place to stay while you are away. There are no cages here!

Luxury Suites. Our luxury suites measure 7' x 7' and come with a raised bed, raised stainless steel food bowls, and a TV that plays a movie throughout the day. They are enclosed with three walls, a large window and a glass door. We offer interior rooms as well as rooms with an exterior view. Luxury suites comes with three outside walks per day. Weekends may vary due to shortened hours. Additional playtimes can be added to your pet's stay if you desire.

Luxury Suite - $57.50 per night

Luxury Suite with Exterior Window - $62 per night

​Standard Enclosures. Our standard kennels measure 6' x 3' and can accommodate one large dog, two medium dogs or three small dogs from the same family. All of our standard kennels come with either a raised Kuranda bed or a large fleece bed to ensure that your pet is comfortable during their stay. We also provide stainless steel food and water bowls for your convenience. Standard kennels come with two outside walks per day. Additional playtimes can be added to your pet's stay if you desire.

Standard Kennel - $42 per night

*The second and third pet in the

same enclosure both receive 25%

off the nightly boarding rate.

Cat Lodging

Cats might seem pretty independent, but we know they need just as much love as dogs do. All of our cat guests have their own special kitty condos in a dog-free section of our facility to provide them a safe and more relaxing personal environment.


We offer multi-level luxury condos that feature a built-in

feeding/watering ledge, a resting ledge, a privacy panel

for the litter area as well as play areas. Cat condos also

have glass doors and get regular loving attention from

our staff. If you want your cat to get extended playtime

just ask!


We offer standard kitty condos and luxury kitty condos

to suit your pet's needs.

Kitty Condo (Single/Holds up to 2 cats) - $26 per night

Kitty Condo (Double/Holds up to 4 cats - $32 per night

Luxury Kitty Condo (Holds up to 3 cats) - $34 per night

​​Small Animal Lodging

We also board a variety of other small animals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and birds. Your pet will be safe and secure in a dog-free area of our resort. Rabbits can board in our kitty condos and ferrets can board in our multi-level ferret enclosure. Birds will need to come with a cage appropriate for their size. Food is not provided so please bring your pet enough food for the duration of their stay.


If you need boarding services for a pet not listed here, please call and discuss your needs with us! Call for pricing.

Lodging Activities

Red Bluff Pet Resort is dedicated to the idea that an active pet with lots of individualized attention is happier and enjoys a multitude of health benefits. While not required for lodging at Red Bluff Pet Resort, activities may be scheduled during your pet’s stay, including group or individual play and walks. Keep in mind that activity is not always exercise. Some pets, especially those that are quiet or older, enjoy individual petting and cuddling.

Dog Activities

  • Individual Play - One 15 min session per day ($8) or Two 15 min sessions per day ($15)

    • Each additional pet from the same family in the same play session is 50% off​

  • Play & Stay (group play for boarding dogs) - Full Day Individual Session-$20, By the Hour-$12/hour, One Week Package (5 full days) - $93.50

    • If your pet is boarding and has never done group play with us, or if it's been more than 6 months since your pet has been here for group play, please schedule a temperament test ahead of time to be sure we have space available during your pet's stay.

Cat & Small Animal Activities

  • Individual Play - One 15 min session per day ($8) or Two 15 min sessions per day ($15)

    • Each additional pet from the same family in the same play session is 50% off​

Individual Day Care

Day Care offers individual attention to pets while you are away. Red Bluff Pet Resort offers standard and luxury day care accommodations. If your pet stays more than 3 hours with us we will include a 15 minute playtime free of charge, in addition to regular potty breaks. We also offer discounts for purchasing one of our day care packages in advance.

Day Care (Luxury Suite/Luxury Kitty Condo) - $35 per day

Day Care (Standard Kennel/Kitty Condo) - $20 per day

What to Expect
  • A climate-controlled environment for your pet's comfort.

  • Individual or group potty breaks two to three times daily in a secure fenced-in area (for dogs).

  • 11,000 sq ft of artificial turf to ensure quality outside time.

  • Complete sanitation of guest quarters every morning and then as needed throughout the day.

  • Indoor play area and five fenced-in outside play areas

  • Private, enclosed boarding space for guests for safety & privacy.

  • Comfortable raised beds and/or fleece bedding.

  • For $2 per day, Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry Food is served according to your pet's normal schedule (up to 3 times per day).  Owner's can bring food from home for no additional charge.

  • Continuous access to fresh water.
  • Properly labeled medication administered as needed. Medication is $1 per day for all medications needed.
  • Extra activities available to customize your pet's stay.


*All pricing effective November 1, 2022

When They're Here, They're Family
Cat Lodging
Small Animal Lodging

Luxury Suite

Standard Enclosure

Luxury Kitty Condo

Individual Day Care

 Kitty Condo - Single Unit

What to Expect
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